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Liam Dee is a multidisciplinary artist living in Maylands, Western Australia.
His artistic skillset includes painting, sculpture, 3D printing and digital design as well as mural painting and public sculpture installation. Liam’s artwork explores the relationships between nature and the man made, the effects of human intervention and the symmetries between urban life and the natural world. Taking influence from prominent street artist such as Jeff Soto and Damon Soule, Liam’s art creates a mix of realism with a blend of psychedelic form, texture and colour to create a sense of organic life constructed from the inorganic.

After completing a Bachelor of Graphic Design and Illustration from Curtin in 2010, Liam has showcased numerous gallery exhibitions and also created public artworks for local government as well as private clients throughout Perth and wider Western Australia.

Liam is passionate about using public art as a platform to voice the local community as well as to make unique experiences that extend from the built environment, creating a lively atmosphere in the spaces we live.

Liam is currently represented by STALA Contemporary, for more information and news and events please visit :

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